Have You Asked?

Written by Shenise Gatson

Have you ever met a person who only talks about themselves 24/7?

Or only focuses on what’s happening in their own world?

And they never stop to ponder the idea that someone else is going through struggles, obstacles, or hardships as well. While you are sitting there listening to them talk, your brain is wondering, “Wow, we’ve been talking all this time, and they haven’t even asked how I am doing or how my day was. Does this person even care what’s happening in my life?”

The relationship or friendship starts to feel a little one-sided, right?

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I am sure we all have met someone like this at some point. In fact, I have been this person at various times in my life! Most people love to talk about what is going on in their world. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that…in moderation.

We all have moments where we need to vent or get things off our chest. It is definitely okay to do this, but we have to make sure our relationships are balanced. Sometimes that means showing a caring and empathetic ear to others just like we expect them to do the same for us.

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Scrolling and Sweeping

Written by Shenise Gatson

Okay, I have to vent about something. This is a safe space for me to vent, right? Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s common nature. Where does it come from? Help me understand, Lord! I’m joking about this, but I’m not…LOL!

Where does it stop?

You probably wonder what I am talking about.

I am talking about scrolling and sweeping.

What is that, you ask?

It’s when someone posts something on their social media page and our hands scroll down the page, we pause, look, and we keep sweeping past, never glancing back. Like we never saw it in the first place. Or, in other words, we saw it, but we didn’t. LOL! What is that?

Photo by Alfredson Jr on Pexels.com
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5 Signs of a Controlling Person: Secure or S.T.U.C.K?

Written by Shenise Gatson

A man grabs his phone and logs into his facebook account. A light bulb goes off in his mind. He shakes his head, realizing that his wife has been controlling both his and her account.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A woman is digging through boxes in her closet. She is spring cleaning. As she moves a box, a picture falls to the floor. She realizes that it is an old family photograph. She cannot remember the last time she has seen her own family. Her boyfriend gets angry anytime she mentions going to spend time with anyone other than him.

In the middle of a heated argument with her husband, a wife retreats to another room in the house to escape his anger. She is tired of fighting. She decides to call a friend just to vent. Her husband opens the door and snatches her cell phone away. “I pay the bills in this house! I paid for this cell phone! You’re not going to call anyone until I say it’s okay!”

When you are in love, it is easy to miss the signs.

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Moving Past Melancholy

Written by: Shenise Gatson

I wish I could say that I’m a woman that has it all together.

Someone that has all my T’s crossed and I’s dotted.

However, that is not the case.

There are some days where I am on point, then there are other days that….I scramble out of bed, realizing I have overslept for work. The kitchen is dirty. The laundry has not yet been folded. There’s a stack of mail piling up on my kitchen table, threatening to topple to the floor. I don’t feel like cooking and dinner is “whatever I feel like eating” (which is something delicious and unhealthy)! Yum!

food plate chocolate dessert

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Pexels.com

And there are many days where…it’s been a ROUGH day and a nice chocolate piece of cake solves the problem. And other days where binge watching Hulu TV keeps me satisfied and my mind occupied. There are some days where talking with my husband and playing with my baby girl helps me feel like the sun is shining when it’s raining.

Yesterday was one of my off days where the weather matched my mood.

It was pouring, raining, and flooding in some areas of Houston. I felt exactly like the rain sliding down car windows.

Life was, yet again, throwing me a curve ball and slapping me in the face.

Just obstacle after obstacle. When I got home yesterday evening, I felt stressed and worried by life circumstances. I couldn’t seem to relax and even my daughter’s sweet and playful gestures couldn’t get me out of my mental slump. I didn’t feel like talking about it. I just felt like listening to some slow music and eating comfort foods.

What do I do when my mood matches this “melancholy moment”?

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Before “I Do”

Written by: Shenise Gatson

Dazzling dress. Check. Beautiful bridesmaids. Check. Sentimental songs. Check. Valiant venue. Check. Does this list sound familiar? The journey to a woman’s wedding day is often filled with check points. The bride-to-be is on cloud nine as she happily plans the biggest day of her life. While these moments are often joy-filled and promising, it is important to make sure you and your spouse have check-listed some very important areas.

man and woman looking at earch other

Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter on Pexels.com

A friend once asked me, “What advice do you have for a woman looking to get married? What are some important factors to consider before marriage?”

I pondered for a minute, then gave her three valuable insights and lessons I learned in my own relationship.

Make sure you and your significant other are on the same page in these three critical areas:


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